How do I reduce the cost of branded and custom printed packaging?

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How do I reduce the cost of branded and custom printed packaging?

Post by ChinaPrinting » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:32 am

How do I reduce the cost of branded and custom printed packaging?
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Re: How do I reduce the cost of branded and custom printed packaging?

Post by ChinaPrintSolutions » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:42 am

This is a tough one. It all depends on the kind of packaging you’re talking about, the quantities, ecc.

I work on solving these type of problems on a daily basis and most of the time the question that you’re asking happens in these scenarios:

You need to brand many similar products with different labels/packages for each one but you’re not going to make many pieces of each variety (example: you want to present 5 flavours of marmalades with diferent labels/packaging but you don’t want to stock thousands of each one, instead, you stock less tha a hundred pieces/flavour)
A situation similar to the previous but also have to provide a box to hold the marmalades. They are identical shape of boxes (to contain the jars or to contain an X quantity of those jars for wholesale) but the boxes need to be customized for each flavour
You’re a producer who makes private-label but your buyer buys only in small batches but there’s no contract to provide them the product for a long time period so it’s not wise to hold stock of packaging for a third-party under these conditions of uncertainty
Or… (and in these scenarios everything gets really hard to optimize)

You need to produce highly customized flexible packaging in small batches (think about the bag where cheese or some cold-cuts come in) as there’s no real substitute for flexo-printing in these scenario
You need to create customized cans which need to be directly printed (think about soda cans, olive oil tins, etc, etc)
You need to create custom glass or plastic containers
You need to make small batches of custom printed shrink-wrap sleeves
Now, regarding the first three scenarios the best advice I can give is :

Stick as much as you can to standard, plain and already available packaging, specially boxes, and use labels and tons of creativity to personalize each one(if there’s no regulation in your market that prohibits it)
Use variable data printing for your labels (Look for indigo, xeicon and printers who have technologies like that)
There’s actually a way to make really nice custom die cut boxes that are completely customized, provided that you already have a custom die in your converter facility. Many of the graphic-rich boxes you find around are made coupling the cardboard with a sheet that’s printed with the graphics and then they’re die cut. If you manage to find a printer able to print those sheets with variable data printing machines, you might be able to create perfectly customized boxes in many variants. But consider that not many converters will be willing to embrace a project like this as it feels more like a prof-of-concept than anything else.
Even if it seems to be so expensive, direct UV printing onto some containers can be a good solution for very small runs or for demoing products
If you’re in Europe you can look for pixartprinting custom packaging solutions. They could be a good fit for many projects (but just for that many)
For the second batch of scenarios i can’t give you any valuable advice :-(

Its totally depend upon you from where you can buy boxes.

Did you do market survey before choosing packaging manufacturer for your brand?

If you not then do right away. Talk to Custom Packaging manufacture and get a quotation from them. I don’t suggest you to compromise on the quality of printing or material but at least do a complete market research before choosing a manufacture

I hope this will help you to reduce your cost.

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